Wave CBD Syrup vs. Opioid painkillers

Life waits for no one. We all know that, and it is why we are all running in an endless race to get to the next level. Our lives are being consumed with different, yet similar goals... The better house, the better car, the better job, and so on.

Sometimes, in our race to live life, we forget to take care of our most important possession on earth, our bodies. Then, there comes a moment when we are faced with the result of the extreme work we have been putting ourselves and our bodies through. The first sign of these consequences is the pain.

Whether you’re suffering from mild & tolerable or severe chronic pain, painkillers will eventually become an essential part of your life. At this point, you must ask yourself if you’re treating the problem at its source, or are you temporarily masking the pain while creating a bunch of new problems for your body? The answer to this question depends on what you are using as a painkiller.

In this day and age, everyone is looking for the natural option to include in every aspect of their lives. From food ingredients to clothes and accessories, people are finally realizing that the closer we are to nature, the healthier we get and the better the quality our lives become. Medications are no different.

In this article, we’re discussing the differences between opioids, and the more natural alternative, CBD for pain. Keep on reading to find out how each of them works in your body and which one will work better for you.



Using opioids as painkillers

Opioid painkillers mainly work by binding themselves to the opioid receptors in your nervous system. They essentially tell the brain that there is no pain. In other words, opioids mask the pain.

The danger with opioid painkillers is the fact that they are addictive. This means that you must be very careful with your dosage and that you must stop using them after a while. Ultimately, it means that opioid painkillers are not a suitable option for long-term usage, or people suffering from chronic pain. In fact, if you opt for the latter, you will find yourself dealing with a much bigger issue than just pain.

Even if you make sure to use opioids for a very limited period, you will have to deal with a variety of side effects that will make you wonder if getting rid of the pain is really worth going through so many other health problems! Some of the short-term opioid side effects include nausea, vomiting, constipation, dizziness, and sweating, irritable mood, drowsy-ness, lack of motivation, and so on.


Using CBD to relieve pain

CBD or cannabidiol is a natural ingredient that relieves pain by stimulating the body’s natural ability to produce cannabinoids. This kills the pain from within the body itself rather than masking it, which is what opioids do.

There is no addiction risk with using CBD to relieve pain as it doesn’t introduce any foreign substance to the body. Also, since it is a natural ingredient, CBD’s effect can be increased by mixing it with other herbs that have healing properties.

This is exactly what Wave CBD Syrup offers. The natural and safe effect of the CBD from our local Colorado-grown hemp is increased by the addition of 11 beneficial herbs that have been carefully chosen to provide your body with the necessary boost that helps you fight not only the pain but also get rid of the cause of the pain in the long run.




While with opioids you’d have to fight off dangerous side effects that will probably require additional medications to deal with, Wave CBD Syrup, or CBD Capsules, will help to keep your anxiety under control and help you fight feelings of depression. Wave will also improve your sleep quality as it helps with insomnia. Last but not least, Wave will give you a great boost that will help you get rid of harmful habits and addictions like smoking.

So, while you are considering the best options for your diet, your clothing, and other details, consider picking up Wave CBD Syrup instead of a risky opioid painkiller. Get rid of the dangerous side effects and eliminate the risk. Choose the better option for your body and for your overall quality of life. Little by little, you will notice an improvement in every aspect of your health, mood, and even relationships. Invest in your self! Invest in your health!