We've Launched! The Benefits of Wave CBD Syrup

We would like to extend a warm welcome with sheer enthusiasm as we present the first Organic CBD infused syrup on the market!

The hemp industry is one of the most promising and passionate economic and social segments. It stands as a beacon of progress towards a better future for medicine and health. With that, we’ve seen a lot of hemp and CBD products appear on the market, offering new solutions to many serious medical issues that have been plaguing us relentlessly. One of the more recognized products is the almighty CBD oil (or extract), which can prove itself as a single solution for your health concerns. But then there’s the problem of “too many options”. The products that keep popping up are overwhelming customers, as they wonder which product is best suited for them.



The Wave CBD Herbal Syrup

We excitedly introduce Wave CBD Syrup, combining all the positive characteristics of CBD with all-natural herbs promoting vitality and energy. Being the first company implementing eleven all-natural organic herbs with organic CBD, we would like to target the spotlight at our Wave CBD Syrup, with Full Spectrum CBD Oil.

With the lack of non-biased information on the CBD market, many people may ask the importance of our Full Spectrum CBD as opposed to regular Isolate CBD products. You might not have yet heard of the benefits that full-spectrum products have. As the name implies, full-spectrum tells us that the wide range of cannabinoids function in unison for the ultimate result and the difference can be felt almost instantly. Consumers with little experience make the mistake going for regular isolate CBD oil, but that’s due to myths and sheer deficit of information.

While using CBD oils, you will feel the effects throughout your body, mind, and nervous system without the psychotropic effects of THC. The stigma that plagues CBD is directly credited from its goofy brother THC.

It reduces anxiety and clears your thoughts, improves the quality of your sleep, memory, keeps insomnia at bay, lowers blood pressure, reduces the risk of diabetes, serves as a bone and muscle relaxant and helps your body to further clean out toxins. As for the more physical benefits, it decreases inflammation and soothes the muscle, making it perfect for athletes and gym-goers who have unbearable post-workout discomfort. It’s always a nice idea to have a supplement which helps in those painful post-workout periods. Additionally, it promotes skin health and reduces arthritis, serving as a powerful neurotransmitter which treats pain the way it should be treated.

Above all, CBD has anti-cancer properties, it effortlessly fights cancer and tumor cells which thwart malign progress. There are also other benefits which have been brought on the table but due to the lack of additional empiric facts and research, they remain shelved from public opinion. Patients that suffer from epilepsy are not left out either, as CBD prevents seizures and relaxes the whole body, not to mention it helps in treating symptoms which are related to Parkinson’s Disease.



Why Full-Spectrum?

As opposed to the CBD Isolate, Full-Spectrum oils include every beneficial chemical compound from cannabinoids, healthy fatty acids, to other compounds which are lacking in the CBD Isolate. Of course, there are the chemical compounds found in hemp like the cannabinoids, terpenes, and healthy fatty acids.

The cannabis plant is chock full of compounds, and CBD Isolates are the filtered version of the product. CBD Isolate contains only one molecule, CBD, and it is highly processed. While Full Spectrum has the whole package of molecules naturally found in the plant. It’s not a refined type, and the cannabinoids and terpenes are all well within it, and all of them serve a purpose in promoting healthy cells. It’s often called “whole-plant” because it’s what nature intended.

Even though there’s still not enough research on Full Spectrum, statistics show that the cannabinoid and terpene compounds work in unison with synergy to create the entourage effect. What is the entourage effect you may ask? Simply put, when you have both CBD + all the other minor, but highly beneficial, terpenes & cannabinoids, they work in conjunction with each other to provide more full-bodied relief than taking CBD Isolate. It is a beautiful case where the sum is greater than just its parts alone. CBD truly does work synergistically with the terpenes and other beneficial cannabinoids to reduce effects of the “high” that comes with it. CBD receptors are naturally found in your gut and digestive system as well as other parts of your body. We were made to consume CBD to maintain homeostasis!

CBD Isolate on the other hand is filtered through and it’s pure CBD without the other compounds. It contains approximately 99% of pure CBD. To further shed some light on the effectiveness, the Lautenberg Center for Immunology and Cancer Research came to conclusion that "in all of the tests, the isolated CBD was ineffective both before and after a certain dosage, while the effectiveness of the full-spectrum solution continued to increase as higher doses were administered”. They emphasize the effectiveness of Full Spectrum in contrast to the CBD Isolate.


The Power of Herbs

We are supporters of the all-natural health-conscious mentality and are fully dedicated to immersing natural and organic ways to cultivate and produce high quality products, instead of viciously exploiting the plant. We are dedicated to perfecting the method of achieving a high quality of life by carefully retaining small batches and focusing on each and every one to guarantee perfection. It’s made with great care and dedication to ensure organic purity without additives or preservatives to tarnish its natural quality.

Our products are made with organic, all-natural, high-quality herbs, which work in conjunction with the CBD extracts further enhancing the quality of our syrups. The Wave CBD Syrup is for patients seeking organic medicine that does not just provide cannabinoid, terpenoid, & herbal relief from their symptoms, but also is made with 100% organic whole-food & plant-based ingredients. Our Wave CBD Syrup includes eleven different herbal plant extracts, plus Full Spectrum CBD Extract, and are all organically grown, tested, evaluated, and hand-crafted with love.

We care for our customer's well-being and we urge you to spark conversations with your local physician and dispensary to clear up any questions you may have, and to illuminate which health product works best for you. Note that if you consume pharmaceuticals including, but not limited to; SSRIs, TCAs, HIV medicine, seizure medications, blood thinners, diabetes drugs, birth control pills, dextromethorphan, nefazodone and warfarin, some of our herbs like St-John’s-wort and Gingko might negatively interfere with them. Please do your research and consult a physician before consuming our products, especially if you are on any kind of over the counter medications.